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Updated: Feb 2

So I've been feeling like everything in the world is passing me by and I know some of you can relate. If this pandemic has taught me anything it's that we're all as screwed up as the next person - but that's okay. It's okay to feel down in the dumps and like you have zero motivation to do anything at all. We all get that feeling at some point in our lives.

There have been many times where I've felt so stuck in a weird funk that I found it nearly impossible to get out of. One example would be getting the motivation to work out. During quarantine, like most, I really just let myself go. I let my sadness get to me and I let the carbs and sugar win. Barely getting a walk in once a week, let alone month, I really started to feel like shit. But one of the things that really helped turn it around for me was TikTok of all things.

I started following a user on TikTok who challenged herself to do 75 Hard by Andy Frisella. This challenge contained a lot of mind over matter things. To complete this challenge you must drink a gallon of water every day, workout for 45 minutes twice a day (one of them needing to be outside), follow a diet of your choice, read 10 pages of an entrepreneurial or educational book, take a progress picture, and no alcohol. All of these things seemed pretty simple, but Frisella wanted to make it the most difficult thing anyone could ever go through. So he added in this: if you mess up on one thing, you have to start the challenge over. Like completely over. Even if you made it to day 74, you mess up... you start over. This is because he knew that it would take someone special to have that kind of mental toughness. He wanted to make sure you kept yourself accountable. And he wanted to challenge people to gain the mental toughness and to push themselves in order to complete it.

And this girl... Damn did she have it. Listening and watching her motivation to keep moving and keep pushing and keep herself accountable throughout this challenge helped me change my perspective on the subject of working out. Since I was little, I always hated it. I would do it because I had to, or because I wanted to reach a certain body goal. Yes, I would have spurts of wanting to be active here and there. But never have I felt motivated in the way that I saw her become motivated. And watching her motivation inspired me to actually get up and get moving.

A lot of this quarantine has been hard because I knew that I had to do things and stay active, but I just didn't want to. Every chance I could get to say no, I took it. And I began to hate myself for that. I hated myself for lacking tbe inspiration to actually get up and get out. Or to take my diet seriously. Or to change out of my pajama's every day (and to be honest, that's still a challenge). But slowly I've been doing things that help me get up and inspired.

One major thing I did was start making my bed as soon as I got out of it. For some reason, this made me feel so ready to take on the day. Now don't get me wrong, I made my bed before - I'm not an animal. But I never did it as soon as I woke up and I would have days between where I didn't even make it. I think the reason it gave me so much motivation was because it gave me an excuse to do something with my day other than lay in bed. I put work in to make it, so why would I mess it up twenty minutes later, you know? So, that helped me a lot with getting up and getting a plan of what to do that didn't involve my bed.

Another thing that helped was cleaning at least one thing every morning and listening to a podcast while doing it. Most of the time it would be the kitchen or the refrigerator because let's face it, they always need cleaning. But the more I got done, the more I felt productive with my morning and felt ready to tackle the day. I've learned that having a clean environment and space, clears up your mind and helps you think clear thoughts.

One final thing that I start doing was planning things the night before. These things consisted of laying my outfit of the day out, writing down what my plan was, and writing down at least one thing that I absolutely had to get done - no matter what. Whether that was writing an article, going for a walk, or reading a chapter of a book... I had to get it done. Planning all of this out helped me really not think about what I had to do that day. Something that I've noticed is that if I have to decide a ton of things in the morning or in the middle of my day, I would eventually just give up and think it was too much so I just wouldn't do it. My mind would be so overwhelmed with what I had to do that I would just stop everything and not pick it up again. And that really got to me in terms of motivation. If I could tell myself it was okay to just be a couch potato in the morning, I could do it for the rest of the day. And days on days would go by of me just sitting on the couch and not getting anything done. Which would lead me to feeling so disgusted with myself. So setting a plan for myself the night before really helped.

I hope that something I've shared could help you if you're feeling down in the dumps or that you don't feel so alone now. We all are getting through this thing called life and it's a little bumpy, but we'll be okay.

Share with me your tips on getting motivated down below! I would love to see what motivates other people.

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