• Leimamo Kanaeholo

My First Time Working For An Online Magazine

I love writing. It is something that I've always been able to go back to and rely on. And now, it's something that I get to do for work and I'm loving it even more! I started working for an online magazine and learning the in's and the out's of what keeps that magazine operating, and let me tell you... it has been a roller coaster.

I started working part time as an editorial assistant for this company about two weeks ago. Since then, I have learned how to manage and operate multiple sites like Asana, WordPress, Drip, Slack, and UberConference. All of these things help me make and write articles, look at the data of the site, and put together email newsletters for all of the subscribers. It's been really fun figuring it all out.

My first week there, I was given four writing assignments on fun topics. They're meant to be quick summaries of the topics given, and they only required a word count of 200-300, so I thought it was a piece of cake. I was able to write one article in an hour, send it over to the editor, and have it published on the site the very first day.

I thought that this was a hilarious first topic to write on - dumbbells. Not only did it spark my interest, but I was literally on the search for dumbbells for a solid two weeks before I got this assignment. On top of that, the day before I was given this topic, my boyfriend and I were commenting on how every place we go, weights seem to be sold out. I was able to use my personal experience in the article and it made it even more fun to write about.

Alongside writing articles, I was put in charge of sending out emails to all the subscribers. Doing this requires a strong attention to detail... detail that I haven't used since college. They started me out very slow, putting me in charge of just the basic copy and pasting of top articles and advertising them on the email. But by week two, I was put in charge of the entire editing process. I come up with catchy phrases, two sentence attention grabbers of each article, and the formation of the email itself. Putting these emails together is crazy fun! It's a lot of going back and forth and seeing what works and what doesn't, but the feedback I've gotten has made it all worth it.

I never pictured my first job in publishing and editing would be like this or that I would enjoy it this much, but I do and I'm happy with it. Not only have these past few weeks showed me how much I love writing and the whole concept of working with an online magazine, but it's showed me that I want to continue to do work like this for as long as I possibly can. That means posting regularly on here as well. I know that I've stayed offline when it comes to this blog, but I'm more motivated to make this my own personal piece of creativity. I'm still figuring it out, but I'm definitely in this for the long-hall.

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