• Leimamo Kanaeholo

Where Do We Go From Here?

Pandemic... What an ugly word. But that ugly word seems to be the world we now live in. It feels unreal to think that just months ago, we were all running around wild and free, minding our own business and not giving a damn about life and then BOOM. A pandemic just slaps us all in the face. I miss it sometimes, the good ole days when I didn't have to worry about if I have enough Clorox wipes in my possession or if I had only two more squirts of hand sanitizer left... But this is our life now. I constantly double check that I have my mask with me and that I have sanitizer on sanitizer for the ready; and to be completely honest, I'm not mad about it. I've learned to love the isolation and learned to make it my friend rather than my enemy.

But it wasn't easy. At the beginning, I was lonely and angry and scared. But as time went on and as this began to feel more and more like the new normal for the world, I grew to enjoy it. I learned that I could still keep in contact with the people I have in my life and that I could still see people, I would just have to take precautions. Now, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that this transition into this new normal has been a breeze. It's been rough. But it's taught me that I need to constantly look at life through a different lens. The world is always changing and the pandemic that hit us this year is only proof to show how real it can get. Never in my life did I think that the world would look the way it does. It’s absolutely crazy!

For me, one of the lowest points during this pandemic was back in May. I graduate college in the middle of this chaos, and it took a lot for me to feel like it was actually happening. I was in denial, I thought that my experience graduating college would have been completely different than the way it panned out. I expected balloons and parties and spending time with my friends to celebrate, but what I got was a text message or two saying "I'm so happy for you!" and "Congratulations!" Although it should've felt like I was on top of the world, I felt like I failed somehow. I mean, the last three weeks of school I was online or scrolling through TikTok, upset that I couldn't see my friends. But I trudged on and I came to the realization that all the things I expected out of my college graduation will happen, it just wouldn't happen right now.

I changed my lens and started looking at it from a different view point. I made FaceTime calls with my friends, we all tried Zoom once... it was pretty cool. I went out on more drives (just to step outside for once) and listened to great music, I read more, and I began cooking some pretty great meals (recipes coming soon;)). Overall, I began to accept this as a new normal for my life and for billions of lives around me. So here we are, all stuck in this interesting and exciting, but crazy and different time. Let's get through it together!

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